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Fenna Van der Vliet

Fenna Van der Vliet

Concept Art
Dutch, Rotterdam based, artist Fenna van der Vliet (1982) began composing images in 2002 under the pseudonym F.E.N. (Forward Evolution Now)

Educated at the Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam, her conceptual thinking was formed to melting visual compositions from separate images, inspired by fashion, design, architecture, travelling, theatre, etc.

In her 2006 project F.E.N. d, with several techniques, a concept virtual reality gameworld consisting of different layers. A broad considered brand new approach to existing collages is born; New Media Art. Being a trained photographer from...
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Mujer Almodovar Chus

Mujer Almodovar Chus

Homenaje a las Mujeres Almodovar Chus Lampreave
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