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Photo London

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Webber Gallery in London hosted its third edition of Photo London. This year, the exhibition was fully digital and made up of pieces by  Zora J Murff, Jeremy  Everett, Senta Simond, Marton Perlaki, Mel Bles,  Daniel Shea, Robbie Lawrence, Chieska Fortune Smith, and Theo Simpson.

The works by Perlaki, Simpson and Everett show how photographs can be manipulated in various ways to produce a different, reinterpreted concept. Shea, a new Webber artist, presented work from their Ex-Nihilo series. Simond shows a piece from her debut artist book ‘Rayon Vert’.

The exhibition also has two virtual ‘in conversation’ events with Zora J Murff and another with Robbie Lawrence.

This fully-digital exhibition was held from the 7th of October through the 18th of October.

Photo London